Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enrol my child on the face-to-face Courses?

All students, pre-existing or external, must take our Admissions Test, to gain entry to our courses.

What is the purpose of the Admissions Test for the Face-to-Face Course?

Our courses are challenging and tailored to the most competitive grammar and independent schools in Greater London.  As such they are only suitable for children who are exceeding expectations at school and can learn at a quick pace in a competitive group environment.

We do not group children on ability levels, they all follow the same lesson plan. Therefore, it is vital that students have a good foundation to enable our tutors to deliver optimal lessons that suit the learning pace and needs of the group as a whole.

The test outcome will indicate if a student has sufficient knowledge in numeracy and literacy in order to be able to follow the pace of the course. Students who have multiple gaps in knowledge may be better prepared with a one-to-one tutor who can provide tuition tailored to the needs of the individual student.  Eleven Plus Exams does not provide one-to-one tuition.

What score does my child have to achieve in the Admissions test to qualify for a place on the face-to-face course?

We look to accept children who can approximately match the average level of our existing cohort of Year 3 students going into Year 4 or Year 4 students going into Year 5. Generally, this would be 65% or above.

Why do you charge for the Admissions Test?

When the test has been free in the past, we found large numbers took the opportunity to sit the test purely as an assessment of their child’s level rather than to actually join the course, this delayed our enrolment process for genuine applicants.

Why is there no Admission Test for the online course?

Online students receive their lessons via pre-recorded videos which are bite-sized, making them more suitable for primary school children. This enables students who do not meet the required level to learn at a pace that suits them, as they can re-watch a video with parental guidance if needed.  The pre-recorded tutorials are supplemented by live interactive zoom lessons which are a recap to the video lessons.

The online course also provides a more time-efficient learning experience that frees up time that the student can use to work on weak areas to help elevate their level.

What is in the Admission Test?

The Year 4 and Year 5 admissions test comprises a test divided into timed sections for comprehension and maths. The Year 4 test is 60 minutes and the Year 5 test is 70 minutes.

The content will have been covered as part of the Year 4 National Curriculum.

Our admissions test is not a full assessment. The test result only signifies whether your child has a good foundation in numeracy and literacy as a whole and will not enable us to identify any specific weak areas within the subject.  We regret therefore, that we are not able to provide scores or any feedback on your child’s performance.

Do you offer a re-test?

Any child who does not meet the criteria is likely to need several weeks to improve on their score by which time the course would become full and for this reason, we will not be able to offer a re-test.  If there are extenuating circumstances which will impact your child’s performance on the day, let us know before the day of the assessment and we will reschedule the assessment.

When will I receive the outcome?

Parents will receive the outcome as individual tests are reviewed and marked by our assessment team usually within a 3-5 days of the test.

The admissions test is to assess whether our course is likely to meet your child’s current learning needs.   The outcome of the test will result in one of the following:

  • An Offer for a place in the face-to-face course – where the student shows the potential to fit in with our existing cohort.
  • An offer to place your child on a waiting list – this will mean that your child will be invited for a 2nd assessment involving reading and reasoning.
  • An offer for an online place – where the student has not met the criteria for face-to-face but shows potential to follow the programme online.
  • Recommendation one-to-one tutoring – where the student’s performance indicates a weak foundation in numeracy and literary and the structured pace of our course is felt to be at a pace that is too fast for the student thus requiring the student to need individual support. Eleven Plus Exams does not provide one-to-one tutoring.
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