We deliver bespoke tips session for parents and children, providing information and advice, to best prepare you for the 11 plus exams.

All sessions are exclusive to ElevenPlusExams and are created and presented by our expert 11 plus teachers. Sessions are designed to encompass specific or all exam boards and are revised regularly to ensure they are always current.

The majority of our tips sessions typically take place during the mock-exam season. Whilst students sit our mock examinations, parents can book from a choice of a tips session on how to best assist their child in a given area they may have a concern in.

Additionally we also offer sessions throughout the year to aid children and parents at various stages in their 11 plus preparation.

Tips sessions we run include:

11+ Tips and Techniques for Children

Delivered in the run-up to the real exams, 11+ Tips and Techniques is a fun and interactive presentation aimed at children. It covers exam skills, revision planning and ways to tackle stress  and remain motivated.

Comprehension Tips

Whilst comprehension is taught in schools, many children struggle to successfully answer questions in the time-pressured situation of an 11 plus exam. Our Comprehension Tips sessions provide tips and techniques to enable parents to assist children in answering comprehension questions correctly, quickly and accurately.

Creative Writing Tips

Given that there is no right answer, creative writing is often cited as one of the most challenging skills for children to master. However, it is possible to prepare a student by focusing on the criteria that examiners are testing and ensuring the candidate understands how to meet them. Our Creative Writing Tips sessions provide this information and more, including example essays written by our own students with teachers’ feedback.

Reasoning Tips

Whilst verbal, non-verbal and numerical reasoning are fundamental components of the 11 plus and Common Entrance exams, they are not formally taught in schools. Consequently, parents often struggle to understand what these assessments cover. Our Reasoning Tips sessions guide parents and children through the various styles of questions that crop up and the best methods to tackle such questions.