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A Very Warm Welcome From Us!

At ElevenPlusExams, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality teaching, support and resources to enable all children to perform at their best when sitting the 11 plus or Common Entrance exams. We understand the significance of these exams in shaping a pupil’s future and therefore teach with similar vigour and compassion.

Established almost 20 years, being the pioneers in our field, when information and resources online could be scarcely found.

We are the creators of the 

  • first website dedicated specifically to the 11 plus exams as a free public information portal
  • first 11 plus online forum which remains active to date with over over 750,000 posts
  • first downloadable 11 plus epapers for sale
  • first 11 plus practice software and CDs
  • first 11 plus virtual learning environment (VLE) supplied to the prep school market and our inhouse courses
  • first exam-board specific mocks for 11 plus market when other providers supplied generic exams.
  • first 11 plus  peer comparison & data analytics reporting for our mock exams and then for our VLE users


Through our experienced of operating the first version of our VLE for the last 15 years we have invested a further £1.3 million to create a brand new VLE for use on our online and face-to-face courses to provide our students with the best learning materials and experience as well as detailed tracking of data points to provide advanced cohort analytics. Through our years of experience and knowledge of our competitors and the market place, we believe our VLE course module to be unparalleled in terms of course structure, content and progress monitoring.

We  aim to make the 11 plus courses as stimulating as possible and achieve this through a broad set of proprietary tools which include:

  • Expert Teachers – almost all have authored at least one of our 11+ books
  • Latest smart boards and interactive software
  • Engaging lesson presentation to capture student attention
  • Use of our online products and other tools
  • Motivating and goal setting via a reward system
  • Variety of in-house proprietary materials, worksheets, practice papers and books provided
  • In-house exam board specific mock exams

Features and Benefits

Our courses are designed for those parents that wish to give their child the best possible chance of success and are fully committed to pursuing a grammar or independent school place.

Small Groups

We have a maximum class sizes of 12 -18 pupils depending on the course. Each group has at least two teachers and 2 graduate or undergraduate teaching assistants.

All Exam Boards

Our courses encompass all examination boards including Granada Learning (GL Assessment), Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM of Durham University) and the Independent Schools Examination Board.

Fully Comprehensive

Our courses have fixed fees that give parents peace of mind of knowing exactly how much they will be spending on 11+ tuition. Our charges include all necessary books, materials, mock exams and online access.

Monitoring Progress

Continuous monitoring through in-class plenaries, homework, end-of-term assessments and mock examinations.

Highly Structured

Our carefully planned programme is structured and executed in a three-tier programme.

Individual Help

Tailored help is provided to address areas of weakness in pupils found in weekly homework reviews. This is given on a one-to-one basis outside of group lessons.

Expert Tutors

All of our teachers are subject specialists who also author our books and are knowledgeable in the 11 plus course syllabus. In schools, teachers are allowed to teach maths or English without having a degree in these subjects.  We believe that expert subject knowledge is essential for the 11 plus standard, to ensure effective learning.

Feedback Reports

We provide detailed reports at the end of each time. There will also be a feedback reports for each end of term test.


We provide pre-lesson videos and reading so that children are familiar with a topic ahead of their lesson. This enables the lesson to flow smoothly and enables more effective and efficient knowledge transfer.

State of the Art Technology

  • In class:
    • Smart board technology for interactive engagement
    • Voting pad technology to instantly assess a child’s understanding
    • Detailed score and progress analysis for each student using analytical software
  • Virtual Learning Environments (VLE)
    • VLE with over 60,000 tailor-made questions (topic-based and exam-style)
    • Bank of 700 animated tutorials
    • Fun vocabulary builder game – ‘Hangman’ – to accelerate vocabulary expansion, developed with Oxford University Press



Given your target school, we will work out the correct blend of subjects to get your child through.

Our courses are structured to fit into the academic year, therefore ensuring there is minimal disruption for our pupils during main holiday periods.

The timetable allows pupils to pick up topics and techniques at a steady yet challenging pace. New concepts are introduced only when fundamental and core principles and satisfactorily mastered. Additional one-to-one and group classes, on top of the course structure, are held to ensure all pupils are on track with their learning.