Creative Writing Year 5

The Creative Writing course is essential in helping to improve and enhance children’s creative writing skills, specifically tailored for success in 11 plus, Key Stage 2 and Common Entrance exams.

The course is comprised of a thorough look at the forms of fiction and non-fiction that have appeared over the years and what skills and techniques are needed to write successfully in each. Each lesson will cover different writing briefs commonly found in the exams and teach pupils how best to tackle all types of questions, placing a focus on exam timing, real exam practice and how to improve efficiency. As part of the course we provide tailored and in-depth feedback from our SME’s.

The course will include:

  • Story Planning – how to develop ideas, characters and settings.
  • Literary Techniques – how to introduce descriptive devices and figurative language into stories.
  • Identifying different question styles including non-fiction such as diary entries, letter writing, articles etc, and how to respond to different styles of question.
  • Dialogue – how to introduce and punctuate dialogue effectively.
  • Vocabulary – the importance of powerful verbs and adjectives in any sentence.

Children will be taught elements of good essay writing:

  • characters
  • characterisation
  • dialogue
  • mood and atmosphere
  • voice and cohesion
  • writing to persuade and argue
  • formal and informal writing
  • continuing an extract
  • using stimulus (e.g. pictures)

Children will receive homework and handouts and there will be a timed essay included.

The course is run as a 12 week programme with once weekly lessons of 1 hour and 15 minutes or alternatively or an intensive 4 day programme.

  • Taught by SME’s
  • Fully Comprehensive
  • Small Groups
  • English
  • Online Platform Access
  • Mock Examination & Follow-Up

Total 12 week course fees: £575

Total 4 day intensive course fee: £475

12 week course: Once weekly lessons of 1 hr 15 mins starting at end of January each year. (This is mainly reserved for our existing Year 5 students but external students can enrol when there are places.)

4 day intensive course :
3.5 hrs each day during Easter

Please be aware that children enrolling on this workshop should understand how to do the following:

  • Use grammar effectively – this includes understanding subject-verb agreement, verb tenses, sentence construction and word classes.
  • Punctuate sentences – how to use commas, full stops, capital letters and semi-colons.

Course Fees for years 23/24

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