Year 5 Eleven Plus
Exams Tuition

Our Year 5 course covers English, Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning and will fully prepare children in all subjects and the relevant exam boards for their target schools. Since the majority of children will not need creative writing, we do not include it within the course. We run a separate creative writing course which can be booked during the second term of Year 5.

The Year 5 course is an intense programme suited for students excelling at school and accustomed to academic work outside of school homework.

  • Our courses are challenging and prepare children for the most competitive London schools. Students should have a solid foundation in the Year 4 English and Maths curriculum.
  • All students for the in-person course must sit our Admissions Test to determine the suitability of our course for their learning needs.
  • Students for the online course do not sit the Admissions Test as the online course enables time-efficient learning thus allowing students to learn at a pace that suits them with parental guidance.
  • Admissions Tests will usually be held in March and April of Year 4.

The course has a three-stage structure, pioneered by us:

  • The Foundation stage confirms every child has the basic building blocks to succeed and includes rapid mental arithmetic, mental agility and a robust vocabulary.
  • The Common Core stage confirms that all the requirements common to the exam boards in the area are addressed first. This makes the child more versatile and preparation more agile should the exam board change with minimal notice.
  • The Specialisation stage in the final term is tailored to the exam board where all known nuances of the specific exam board are practised through exam preparation and mock exam practice.

All students will receive the same lessons and homework during the first two terms since the syllabus for each subject must be taught to everyone. Even if a subject is not tested by your chosen school the position can change in the final term of Year 5 and so until the admissions policies are finalised all students must study all four subjects. In the final term, once the students start their mock exams, subjects that are not needed can be dropped.

  • Fully Comprehensive
  • Small Groups of 16-18
  • Each class has 3 subject-expert Teachers
  • Each class has 2-3 Teaching Assistants
  • Access to the learning portal
  • Priority Placement on Year 6 course

Harrow College
Lowlands Road

  • In-person lessons are 3.5 hours long, held once weekly on Saturdays
  • Online lessons are pre-recorded video tutorials followed by a live zoom top-up lesson on Tuesdays

Saturday Lessons commencing 21 September 2024 to end August 2025

NOTE: Lessons continue during school half-term holidays, except for two weeks during the Christmas and Easter school holidays

Course Fees for 2024/25

A Reservation Fee of £250 is required to confirm a place. This is non-refundable in the event of cancellation of the course but otherwise refunded in March, following completion of the course, provided you have reported to us the 11 plus exam results and school offer received.

Our Virtual Learning Environment

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