The First Past the Post® series of titles

Fifteen years of practical experience, specialising in successfully preparing children for selective entrance exams for the top schools in the country has enabled us to produce practice materials that are tailored and tested to challenge students with content that is both comprehensive and realistic.

Why First Past the Post® is popular with tutors

  • a fully classroom-tested series, with exam-accurate timed conditions and difficulty levels
  • written by our team of experienced tutors and authors from leading British universities, including Oxford and Cambridge
  • specialised content specifically designed to tackle and keep up with the fluctuating climate of the 11 plus exam
  • includes exam practice material for English and creative writing, mathematics, numerical, verbal and non-verbal reasoning
  • provides full answers and explanations to ensure understanding

Every experienced tutor knows that the effectiveness of their teaching is enhanced by quality learning resources. By using First Past the Post®, you not only teach a complete course for 11 plus success, but you perfect the skills needed for the exam itself.


Numerical Reasoning


Non-verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning

Creative Writing

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