Terms and Conditions

Important Information About Our Courses

Our courses are challenging and tailored to the most competitive schools. As such they are only suitable for children who are exceeding expectations at school and can learn at a certain pace in a competitive group environment.

Our classes are not streamed on ability levels, as all classes, including online, follow the same lesson plan and are set identical homework.  To ensure optimal delivery of lessons we look to accept children in the in-person groups who can approximately match the average level of our existing cohort.

The amount of homework we set and the difficulty level of the course content is designed to ensure all students have the best possible chance of success and is determined by the level of competition.  The course content is comprehensive enough to ensure progress for keen learners in all four subjects: English, mathematics, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.   [Note: Creative writing is not included and is provided as a separate course]

IMPORTANT NOTE: All students have access to our Virtual Learning Environment which contains all their course resources and homework. Access to this service is only available whilst the student remains on the course so if you should decide to terminate the course your child will not be able to access work that they have already completed.

Enrolment Process

  1. All students, pre-existing or new, must take our Admissions Test, in person, to gain entry to the in-person courses.
  2. The test outcome will indicate if a student has sufficient knowledge in numeracy and literacy in order to be able to follow the pace of the course in a competitive group setting. Students who have multiple gaps in knowledge may need a one-to-one tutor who can provide tuition tailored to the needs of the individual student.
  3. Following the completion of the Admissions test, if our course is deemed to be suitable for the learning needs of the student, then a formal offer will be sent to the Parent/Guardian via email.
  4. A place on any of our courses is only confirmed when the following conditions have been met:
    • We have made a formal offer of a place to the Parent/Guardian
    • The Parent/Guardian confirms acceptance of the offer in writing.
    • We receive payment of the Reservation Fee of £250 within the time frame given in the offer.
  5. The Admissions Test is not an assessment of a child’s strengths or weaknesses within a subject. It merely provides a snapshot as to whether a student has a strong foundation in the subject as a whole and so we will not be able to give you any specific feedback. The length of our test is too short to identify specific weaknesses in a subject. Please do not ask us for feedback on the Admissions Test. We are unable to provide you with any information except to confirm that your child has or has not qualified for a place on our course.

Course and Reservation Fee

  1. Course Fees must be paid in accordance with the Fees Schedule for the relevant academic year.
  2. As an all-inclusive course we do not charge on an hourly or per lesson basis. The actual cost of the course is not equally spread over the year due to the differing term lengths and resources.
  3. The Reservation Fee is paid to reserve a student’s place on the course. It is non-refundable if you cancel the course before commencement of the course or mid-course. The fee is only refunded in March after completion of all aspects of the course and upon provision of the school offer received. See below.
  4. On completion of the Year 4 course, the Reservation Fee will be refunded or held as a deposit for the Year 5 course.
  5. On completion of the Year 5 course, the Reservation Fee will be refunded to you in March of the following year provided that:
    • You have paid the full amount of course fees, and any administration charges due to late payment.
    • The student has completed our course.
    • You have provided us with copy emails/letters of the student’s 11 plus results which are normally released in October of Year 6.
    • You have provided us with copies of school offer letters/emails received on National Allocation Day in March of the following year.

11. The course fees are inclusive of all resources, books, stationary, end of term assessments, reports and access to our exclusive online virtual learning environment.

12. Students in Year 5 will also receive individual support called ‘top-ups’ where teachers have identified a weakness in their homework performance. Top-ups are arranged by our teachers in their discretion based on their weekly assessment of homework and are usually provided immediately before or after a lesson.

13. Top-ups are only given as part of the course without additional charge, where the student has:

  • attended the lesson for the topic which top-up will relate to; and
  • fulfilled their homework obligations; and
  • watched all relevant topic videos.

14. We will suspend a student’s access to our tuition and online services where any course fees remain outstanding for more than 7 days. Please ensure you pay by the due date to avoid any disruption to your child’s tuition.

Supplementary Tuition

  1. We believe that it is not appropriate for students on our course to attend other 11 plus tuition as it can result in the child being overloaded and not devoting sufficient time to consolidate learning and complete the homework set by us to a high standard.
  2. You must disclose to us if your child is receiving other tuition whilst they are attending our Year 4 or 5 course, so that our teachers can advise whether continuation of the other tuition is compatible with our course. In most cases, if a student is in need of separate tuition, this indicates that our course is not meeting the student’s learning needs and that he/she would be better prepared with a one-to-one tutor. In some instances, it may be acceptable for your child to receive separate tuition if it is limited to supporting him/her in a specific area of weakness.

Exam Results and School Offers

  1. To maintain our success records, we require that all Parent/Guardians supply us with written confirmation of their child’s 11 plus exam scores, as well as a copy of the school offer letters received in March following completion of the course. By agreeing to enrol the student on our course you consent to the disclosure of this information to us under GDPR and agree that it is a pre-condition to the refund of the Reservation Fee.  Results form must be completed in October and the School Offers form must be completed in March following the completion of the course.

Missed Lessons and Lesson Swaps

  1. If your child misses a lesson, for whatever reason, no refund can be issued.
  2. We will provide pre-recorded video lessons in any case so that your child can still complete the homework.
  3. It will not be possible to swap to a different session if your child is not able to attend their normal lesson.  Online lesson tutorials and zoom live lessons ensure that your child’s learning is not disrupted by their non-attendance to in-person classes.


  1. All materials created by us are copyright and should not be published or distributed without our express permission.
  2. Our mock exam practice papers and end of term assessments sat in class are not publicly available and are used for internal purposes only. These in-house materials are tailored and specially created for use on our courses and due to copyright reasons, they are not released to Parents/Guardians.
  3. Our online platform and other materials provided as part of the course are also copyright. If we have reason to believe that you are sharing our online services or paper based materials with other parents/tutors outside of our Centre, then this will result in automatic termination of the tuition services.


  1. Enrolment on our courses requires a minimum commitment of one term at a time. Therefore, termination can only take place at the end of a term. In-person courses require one month notice to terminate and online courses can be terminated at the end of a term provided we have been notified. On termination your child’s access to our Virtual Learning Enviroment will also terminate.
  2. The course fees are payable in three equal instalments and do not represent a payment for the specific number of weeks in the term; the instalments represent the amount that we will charge for that term. This means that you will not receive any pro-rated amount as a refund on termination should your child not complete the full term.
  3. We reserve the right to terminate the tuition in our sole discretion and are under no obligation to provide you with reasons. However, we will provide you with the reason if they relate to any of the following grounds, in addition to those in Clause 27:
  • Breach of our copyright and/or disclosure our propriety materials, online access and other resources.
  • Non-payment of our course fees
  • Failing regularly to ensure your child completes homework
  • Regular non-attendance at lessons
  • Non-co-operation with our policies and recommendations
  • Lack of communication from the parent/guardian when responses are requested
  • Where a parent/guardian is not working with us to support the delivery of our course
  • Where a parent/guardian does not accept our homework policies or rules
  • Where a parent/guardian regularly requires us to excuse their child from homework
  1. Our courses require a serious commitment on behalf of the student and parents. To ensure that each student is given the best possible prospects of success in their 11 plus exams, we expect students to have a positive attitude to learning throughout the course. We reserve the right to cancel tuition at any time with or without notice, if in our opinion:
  • the student’s behaviour in class is distractive to the learning of others or a negative influence;
  • the student’s behaviour is disruptive to the teacher’s delivery of the lesson;
  • the student is disrespectful to staff or other students;
  • the student lacks motivation to learn and does not participate in lessons;
  • the student is regularly late for lessons;
  • the student fails to complete homework or does not make genuine attempts to complete homework due to rushing or guessing multiple choice tests;
  • the student does not communicate with teaching staff, making it difficult for staff to carry out their tuition duties. Learning is a two-way process and students have to be able to communicate what elements they do not understand in order to receive help.
  • the student does not appear to be benefitting from our group lessons;
  • the teachers are of the opinion that the student needs a one-to-one tutor in order to successfully prepare for the entrance exams.
  • the student is felt to be suffering from stress, or struggling to cope with the demands of the course either due to stress or too many extra-curricular activities that are interfering with their homework.
  • the student has been missing lessons for reasons other than illness which has shown to be detrimental to his/her learning.


  1. Homework is an integral part of the course as it is reviewed by us weekly in order to monitor progress and identify areas of weakness so that they can be remedied at the next lesson. All homework is compulsory.
  2. Parents/Guardians must ensure that their child completes the homework each week. We are not under any obligation to inform you each week, where the student has not completed homework, however, we will usually notify you where there is a regular occurrence of non-completion, leading to a formal warning.
  3. Where there are genuine reasons for non-completion of homework, and we have been notified by the due date, with a request by the Parent/Guardian, we can excuse the student in our discretion. Where a student is not excused, this will result in a reminders and warnings being issued. Two warnings in one term is likely to result in the student being advised to discontinue the course.

Pass Rates

  1. Our tuition services cannot guarantee that the student will pass the relevant exams or achieve entrance to the relevant target schools. We can be sure that our students will receive the best possible prospects of success, and can benefit from our high success rates, provided they are fully committed to the preparation required.

Course Schedule

  1. The lesson schedule for the academic year is provisional and is subject to change at any time. The lesson times offered to your child may not be fixed throughout the course and may have to change. Year 5 schedules can change mid-course and in the final term of the Year 5 course when children are placed in specific groups for mock exam training. It is essential that you are flexible.
  2. We will make every effort to deliver the course according to the timetable given, however, we accept no liability for failing to deliver the services should there be any event or business circumstances beyond our control that prevent us from delivering a lesson or completing the course. We will give you notice as soon as reasonably practicable in the event of this occurring and will refund any advance fees paid.


  1. All data supplied by Parents/Guardians will be confidential and will not be disclosed except as required by law or order of a Court. You consent to us using personal data that you supply in order to provide our services and keep you informed of our products and services.

Prohibition of Private Tuition

  1. Parents/Guardians are prohibited from soliciting or engaging any of our teaching staff, on a private basis, to provide tuition outside of our course. Please do not ask or seek to persuade our staff members to provide private tuition.  We reserve the right to terminate tuition in the event of breach of this clause.


  1. We will take photographs of all children attending in-person classes for identification purposes at the start of the academic year.
  2. We sometimes take photographs of our students to show how our students and tuition centre as a whole operates. Photographs are often taken during award ceremonies, competitions, on costume days etc. Children’s photographs add colour, life and interest and children enjoy being able to see and share their images. Making use of such photographs rewards children for their achievements and motivates them as well as other students. We will never identify any student by name.  We will obtain your consent to use your child’s photograph on any publicity material.

Covid-19 Notice

  1. In the event that delivery of physical lessons need to be suspended to comply with laws or social distancing conditions imposed by Public Health England, we will continue delivering the course online. There will be no reduction in fees during the period of suspension as we will ensure that any deficiencies caused by the suspension of physical lessons are remedied when physical sessions resume. In the event this is not possible then a reduction in fees will be made. A pro-rated refund will be offered in the event that we are not able to deliver online tutorials.

Please contact us on if you have any queries regarding the above provisions.

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