Features: Online versus In-Person Course

Our in-person and online courses follow the same syllabus and are identical in lesson plans, content, resources, books and homework as shown in the table below.  The course is highly structured enabling students to learn more efficiently. Topic-based tests are set for homework based on the lesson topics so that students are not exposed to content that they have not been taught. This ensures that most children can perform to a good standard on their homework and build confidence.

Course FeaturesIn-Person OnlineInformation
Pre-lesson Videos
Lesson Videos
Plenary Tests for each lesson
Assesses if learning objective has been met and identifies children who need help.
Plenary Review Videos
Reviews all questions in plenary for each subject
Topic videos
Online Platform Access
Online Homework
Paper & Book Homework
Student Awards (House points , Homework Winners, Star Pupils, End of Term Medals etc) 
Course Books 
Revision practice – Y5 Course Only
End of Term Assessments
End of Term Test Report
Detailed Progress Monitoring
Top-ups to address weak spots –  Y5 Course OnlyOnline students receive help via online weekly interactive top-up lessons.
12 weeks of Mock exam training – Y5 Course Only
Mock Exam Reviews – Y5 Course Only

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