The Creative Writing course is essential in helping to improve and enhance children’s creative writing skills, specifically tailored for success in 11 plus, Key Stage 2 and Common Entrance exams.

The course is comprised of a thorough look at the forms of fiction and non-fiction that have appeared over the years and what skills and techniques are needed to write successfully in each. Each lesson will cover different writing briefs commonly found in the exams and teach pupils how best to tackle all types of questions, placing a focus on exam timing. real exam practice and how to improve efficiency. As part of the course we provide tailored and in-depth feedback from our SME’s.

Lessons are 3 hours long and held once weekly in the second term each year.

Course Features

  • Taught by SME’s
  • Fully Comprehensive
  • Small Groups
  • English
  • Online Platform Access
  • Mock Examination & Follow-Up

Course Fees

Total Course Fees £975